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Return on Investment (ROI) Initiative

Featured Industry Day Session

Thursday, April 26 @ 3:15 pm

Dr. Walter CopanThe federal government invests approximately $150 billion annually in R&D, and approximately one-third of this is conducted directly at federal laboratories. Facing increased competition from around the globe and with China projected to surpass the U.S. in scientific investment, it is critical that the U.S. maximize the return from its federal R&D investment for the nation’s benefit. The ROI initiative is recognized by the White House as a key part of advancing the President’s Management Agenda to modernize government for the 21st century, specifically the associated Lab-to-Market Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goal. Dr. Walter G. Copan will discuss the ROI initiatives and how they relate to the Lab-to-Market CAP Goal set forth in the President’s Management Agenda.